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Our Level 2 Electrical Services For Sydney

Electrical Overhead Power Lines

✔   New or relocated power lines

✔   Upgrades up to 400amps

✔   Temporary power lines

✔   Endeavour Energy UV damage defects

✔   Disconnect and reconnections

Overhead Electrical Service Sydney

Trenching / Underground Electrical

✔ 3.5 Tonne excavator and 9.5 tonne truck

✔ Trenching and any size cable install

✔ Duct installation in street for subdivided blocks

✔ Private subdivisions

✔ Pillar/turret installs

Underground Electrical Contractors Sydney

Electricity Metering

✔ Solar metering

✔ Off peak hot water metering

✔ Granny flat metering

✔ Ct metering up to 3000 amps

✔ Smart metering

Temporary power supply

Electricity Meter Installation Sydney

Power Poles

✔ Steel galvanised power poles

✔ Timber treated poles

✔ Replacement of defective poles

✔ Temporary power poles

✔ Site power

Power Pole Replacement Sydney

Electrical Switchboards

✔ Upgrade supply

✔ 1 to 3 phase supply

✔ Circuit breaker and safety switch installs

✔ Complete new installations

✔ Consumer mains

Defect repairs

Electrical Switchboard Upgrade Level 2 Electrician Sydney

At Dave Fenech Electrical Services we pride ourselves in being trustworthy and reliable electricians. We produce high quality work, are professional at electrical problem solving and always keep a clean and tidy work site.

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Level 2 Service Provider Sydney

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