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Electrical Transformer Explosion: Its Causes and What to Do?

May 28, 2023 | Electrical Tips

The chance of you experiencing an electrical transformer explosion is extremely low. However, it does happen. There have been safety barriers installed on the transformer that greatly reduces the likelihood of an explosion.

What is an Electrical Transformer?

An electrical transformer is a machine that transfers electric energy from one circuit to another. During the process, it will either increase or reduce the voltage without changing the frequency.

They are used in a wide variety of applications. To homeowners, their most important function is regulating and distributing electric power across long distances.

What Causes Eectrical Transformer Explosions?

What Causes Electrical Transformer Explosions?

There are a variety of reasons why an electrical transformer can explode. The most common cause of an electrical transformer explosion is a sudden electrical surge.

The sudden surge floods the transformer, leading to an explosion. This surge can be caused by a couple of different reasons.

Reasons for Electrical Transformer Explosions

Lightning Strike

The most common cause of electrical transformer explosions is lightning strikes. The lightning forces an extreme amount of energy into the transformer.

Transformers Age

Transformers do not last forever. Their usual lifespan can range from 20 to 30 years. The older the transformer gets the more likely it is susceptible to electrical faults. Electrical transformers must be upgraded as they age and as the demand for power increases.  

Faulty Components

If a component fails, the transformer may not be able to handle the electrical current, leading to an explosion.


Moisture in the transformer can reduce the lifespan of an electrical transformer.


Over time, transformers can experience corrosion. If regular maintenance is not performed, the corrosion can lead to failure and an electrical transformer explosion.

Damaged Wiring

Damaged wiring can increase the voltage that the transformer receives. If the transformer is unable to handle the extra voltage, there can be an electrical transformer explosion.

What to Do is if there is an Electrical Transformer Explosion?

What to Do is if there is an Electrical Transformer Explosion?

    • If there is ever an electrical transformer explosion, stay calm. And stay away from the transformer and power lines. The situation is very dangerous! Instead, inform local authorities and call your local level 2 electrician in Sydney.
    • Only level 2 electricians are certified to repair transformers and electrical wiring on utility poles. If there is a fire, call the fire department. Do not try to put it out yourself. You could get burned or electrocuted.
    • When a transformer blows, it is common to experience a power outage. Power outages can happen for a number of reasons. Therefore, you should always have an emergency kit on standby.
    • If you choose to burn a candle for light, always be careful and never burn a candle while you are sleeping.

    Stay Calm and Call the Professional When an Electrical Transformer Explosions Occurs

    An electrical transformer explosion can happen unexpectedly. It can be a scary situation if you do not know what to do. Here at Dave Fenech Electrical Services Pty Ltd, our level 2 electricians are certified to repair and maintain electrical transformers.

    If you require maintenance or have experienced an electrical transformer explosion, call us right away.

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