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Level 2 Electrician Hurstville NSW

When you need to call an electrician, it is best to hire a level 2 electrician in Hurstville. You will find that most jobs require a level 2 electrician to finish the job. When you call Dave Fenech Electrical Services directly, we will complete the whole job from start to finish.

It can be hard to find a level 2 electrician in Hurstville when you need one. Now that you found us, do not look any further. At Dave Fenech Electrical Services Pty Ltd, we are here when you need us.

Level 2 Electrician Hurstville

Benefits of Hiring Hire Dave Fenech Electrical Services

Dave Fenech Electrical Services Pty Ltd was established in 1999. Dave started in the electrical industry in 1986. He has acquired a vast amount of knowledge over the years that gives him the ability to handle any electrical situation he comes across.

    • Top Benefits of Hiring Dave Fenech Electrical Services Pty
    • Years of Experience
    • Licensed and Insured
    • Friendly Staff
    • Safety is Our Priority
    • High Standards
    • Fast High-quality Service
    • We are Problem Solvers
    • Clean and Tidy Workmanship
    • Level 2 Electrician Hurstville
    • Rapid and Effective Response
    • Trustworthy and Reliable

    What is a Level 2 Electrician?

    A Level 2 electrician has been certified by the government to do specialised work. They hold the qualifications that are required to physically connect your service to the network.

    A Level 2 electrician in Hurstville has been through extensive training and can handle all types of electrical situations. They are different from A grade electricians. Level 2 electricians are certified to perform more dangerous work.

    Electrical Services Our Level 2 Electrician in Hurtsville Can Offer

    Being a level 2 electrician in Hurstville we are able to offer the following electrical services:

    Switchboard Upgrades

    Old and Faulty switchboards are dangerous which is why upgrading your switchboard is essential. They can cause fires and produce electrical shocks. If you have an old switchboard, you are probably always blowing fuses. This is because the board was not designed to handle today’s electrical needs.

    Disconnections and Reconnections

    Only a level 2 electrician in Hurstville can disconnect and reconnect to consumer mains. At Dave Fenech Electrical Services, we are able to attach overhead and underground lines.

    Single Phase to 3 Phase Upgrade

    If you are installing a new air conditioner or running any 3 phase machinery, and have single phase, you need a 3 phase upgrade. Only level 2 electricians in Hurstville can provide this service.


    Our level 2 electricians in Hurstville are certified to install new meters and upgrade existing meters. We offer off-peak meters, solar panel meters, smart digital meters, granny flat meters, split electricity meters, and relay switches.

    Level 2 electrician working on overhead cables

    Overhead Cables

    Most electricity is supplied by overhead cables. If you need to reconnect, relocate, or upgrade the overhead cable service to your home or business, we can help. If required, we can also replace service fuses, service active and neutral links.

    Underground Cables

    Having underground cables installed is a great way to protect the lines, and reduce power outages. Our level 2 electricians in Hurstville can install, upgrade and repair underground cables to the point of supply.

    Private Pole Installation and Replacement

    Your private power poles can be damaged by accidents and weather. If you notice any dangerous defects, you need to replace the pole. The pole is your responsibility. If there is an inspection, and they determine your pole is unsafe, they can turn off your power.

    Electrical Repairs

    Being a level 2 electrician in Hurstville we can repair wires, cables, meters, and switchboards. We can also correct defect rectifications. And when you call us first, we will do all the work ourselves. We do not have to call another company for help.

    Defect Rectifications

    Defect rectifications are aggravating. They can be costly and time-consuming. Our level 2 electricians will work with you to get the defects fixed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

    Call Us Today for All Your Level 2 Service Needs

    Do not try to handle any electrical job yourself. Electricity is dangerous and it can be deadly. At Dave Fenech Electrical Services Pty Ltd, our electricians have been certified to handle all your electrical issues quickly and safely. If you are a homeowner or builder in need of a level 2 electrician in Hurstville, contact us today.

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